Plenary Sessions


360 degrees of Bergen from Mount Flyøen photo credit: Eivind Senneset



Richard Horton

Name: Professor Richard Horton
Institution: Editor-in-Chief, The Lancet
Speciality: planetary health – the health of human civilizations and the ecosystems they depend on

Date: 28.09.21
Time: 10:00-10:15

Title: Global Health Challenges & Research

Short bio
Originally trained in physiology and medicine, Horton joined The Lancet in 1990. Read more about his experience and background on the Lancet website.  He has a strong interest in global health and medicine’s contribution to our wider culture.

Twitter: @richardhorton1

Day 1 - Plenary Session

Rashida Ferrand

Name: Professor Rashida Ferrand
Institution: London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM)
Speciality: adolescent health, HIV and sexual and reproductive health and chronic disease.

Date: 28.09.21
Time: 10:15-10:30

Title: Collaboration for Mutual Benefit

Short bio
Ferrand’s main research focus is on HIV and sexual and reproductive health (SRH), particularly on interventions to improve outcomes across the HIV care cascade and on integrated delivery of HIV and SRH services. She is based in Harare, Zimbabwe where she directs the Zim-LSHTM Research Partnership. Learn more from her LSHTM web page.

Twitter: @rashida_abbferr


Name: Professor Bernadette Kumar
Institution: Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH)
Speciality: Migration and Health

Date: 28.09.21
Time: 10:30-10:45

Title: Challenges in Research About Migrants

Short bio
Kumar is the Director of NAKMI - Norwegian Center for Migration and Minority Health and the Co-chair of Lancet Migration. She was also part of the 2018 Lancet Commission on Migration and Health. Learn more.

Day 2 - Plenary Session

Madhukar Pai

Name: Professor Madhukar Pai
Institution: McGill University

Speciality: epidemiology and global health
Date: 29.09.21
Time: 9:04-9:20

Title: Will global health survive its decolonization?L

Short bio
Pai is a Canada Research Chair in Epidemiology & Global Health at McGill University. He serves on the STAG-TB committee of WHO. His research focuses mainly on improving TB diagnosis and treatment. Learn more from his McGill webpage.

Twitter: @paimadhu

Day 2 - Panel Discussion: Decolonization and Global Health

Date: 29.9.21
Time: 9:00-9:50
Moderator: Bjørn Enge Bertelsen


Name: Tammam Aloudat
Institution: Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies CH
Speciality: Global health, Access to medicines and innovation, Humanitarian action, intervention

Short bio
Aloudat is a Syrian physician and a humanitarian medical worker. He has worked in emergencies, conflicts, and disease outbreaks for the past twenty years and currently focuses on access to medicines as part of the MSF access campaign. He is currently Managing Director of the Global Health Centre at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva Switzerland. Learn more from their website.

Twitter: @Tammamo


Name: Lioba A. Hirsch
Institution: Liverpool University
Speciality: colonial and antiblack entanglements of Western biomedicine and global health management

Short bio
Hirsch is a qualitative and archival researcher who works at the Department of Geography in Liverpool. Learn more from her Liverpool website.

Twitter: @Lili_Assaba


Name: Themrise Khan
Institution: independent development professional
Speciality: international development, social policy (developing countries) and global migration

Short bio
Khan actively writes, speaks and advises the global development community on notions of decolonization, North-South power imbalances in development, race relations, and immigrant citizenship and integration. Learn more from her biography on the Migration Research Hub.

Twitter: @themrise


Name: Bjørn Enge Bertelsen
Institution: GRIP, University of Bergen
Speciality: transdisciplinary approaches to inequality and urban challenges around the world

Short bio
Bertelsen is a social anthropologist and in his research, he works mainly on Southern Africa and Mozambique. Particular interests include the issues of egalitarianism, urban transformation, future practices, violence, state, memory and tradition within political anthropology.

Twitter: @BjornEBertelsen

Day 2 - Sysmex Lunch Symposium


13:00-13:50 Sysmex

Point of Care Tests in Universal Screening for Sickle Cell Disease, Professor Obiageli Nnodu, Professor of Haematology & Blood Transfusion, Director of the Centre of excellence for Sickle Cell Disease Research and Training (CESRTA), University of Abuja, Nigeria

Automated detection of malaria, Professor Thérèsa Coetzer, Professor of Molecular Medicine and Haematology,  Wits Research Institute for Malaria, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Corona Day - Swiss TPH Lunch Symposium


13:00-13:50 What did you want to know about COVID-19?

Welcome and Introduction (Jürg Utzinger, Director, Swiss TPH)

Are COVID-19 Vaccines the Way Out of the Pandemic? (Daniel Paris, Head of Medicine, Swiss TPH)

Science Behind COVID-19: Interpreting Epidemiological Trends and Models (Nakul Chitnis, Swiss TPH)

How Can Health Systems Promote Social Protection during a Health Crisis? (Daniel Cobos, Swiss TPH)

Climate Change and COVID-19: What’s the Connection? (Gueladio Cissé, Swiss TPH)

Happiness in COVID-19 Times? The Impact on Palestinian Adolescents, Hala Allabadi, An-Najah National University and Juzoor for Health and Social Development

Q&A and Closing Remarks (Jürg Utzinger, Director, Swiss TPH)