The 12th  European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health (ECTMIH) is being held in Bergen, Norway in 2021. The first ECTMIH was held in Hamburg in 1995 speared by a group of experts in tropical medicine and international health. The aim of ECTMIH is to provide a platform for presenting state of the arts updates, and debating scientific developments and breakthroughs in tropical medicine and global health.

The congress has evolved over the years from mainly focusing on tropical diseases to also include challenges in global health. The first congress to incorporate global health in its program was the 5th in Amsterdam in 2007. Since then ECTMIH has turned into a leading forum for global challenges and tropical medicine.

Previous congresses:

  • 1st in Hamburg (1995)
  • 2nd in Liverpool (1998)
  • 3rd in Lisbon (2002)
  • 4th in Marseille (2005): "Medicine and Health in the Tropics"
  • 5th in Amsterdam (2007): "Partnership and Innovation in Global He@lth"
  • 6th in Verona (2009): "Equity, Human Rights and Access to Care"
  • 7th in Barcelona (2011): "Global Change. Migration and Health"
  • 8th in Copenhagen (2013)
  • 9th in Basel (2015): "Driving the Best Science to Meet Global Health Challenges"
  • 10th in Antwerp (2017): "Health in (r)evolution. Environment - migration - technology - empowerment"
  • 11th in Liverpool (2019): "25 years: investigation, innovation and implementation"